Telling Your Story in the Best Possible Way

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2015-01-10-storytellingdesigninnovation-thumbThe design choices you make for your website, business cards, and brochures should be about more than just looking good. You want everything that bears your company logo and name to be about telling an engaging story that will draw people in and make them want to learn more about you. In this Huffington Post article on storytelling and design innovation, there’s a discussion about just this, and this story on the best and worst branding of 2014 also confirms: the best way to grab people’s attention is by telling them a great story.


You may find yourself wondering how you can tell a story through design choices, but as we’ve talked about in a previous blog post, it’s all about making sure that you follow some simple rules of design when you explain your products and services.

Keep Things Simple

Telling your story doesn’t mean that you need to write an epic about how you founded your business. The old cliché less is more is usually true. Take the most important pieces of information you want people to know about your business and then figure out a way to say them that is easy to read, short, and interesting. This is a perfect chance to be creative and find exciting ways to talk about everything you love about your business, just as long as you’re not throwing in information that’s unnecessary. Great brochures will offer a brief history of the company, the products and services offered, and how to contact you. With these simple sections, you can give people a lot of information without overloading them.

By keeping things simple, knowing your audience, and staying unique, you can use a local print shop, like A4 Brochure Printing, to create engaging material that will draw in potential customers.

Know Your Audience

If you find yourself stuck on where to start, the best way to figure out what information your design choices and brochure should include is by thinking about your target audience. Making a loud brochure that uses a lot of slang or pop culture references isn’t a great way to appeal to a potential customer who might be older, or more conservative. Think about your perfect customer and what they might like to read, having this in mind is the best way to approach everything about your brand. It’s also a good perspective to take on when editing, or thinking about making adjustments to your current materials.

Be Unique

Staying unique is probably the hardest part of putting together promotional materials and design work, but it’s also the most important. Take a hard look at what your competitors have done, and think about the ways that it could be better, more exciting, or simply different. Creating brochures and logos that stand out from the rest is the best way to get yourself noticed and have people remember you.

If you can express yourself and what your company offers while following these simple rules, you’ll tell a story that will catch people’s attention and imaginations, leading them to be more curious about your business and more likely to pay you a visit, online or off.

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