Pablove Pediatric Cancer Charity

“I just wanted to send a note of thanks for your innovation and time to help Pablove. I felt that your coaching was well focused and very helpful to the team and our mission. Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough for your efforts…however, thank you!!!!” – Tamara Gilbertson, Director of Philanthropy, Pablove

Stanford Health Care Hospitality – 4

“The Hospitality Leadership Sessions have been invaluable. Dedicated time getting to know one another while developing life-long leadership skills is a true gift. We’ve been able to gain different perspectives and viewpoints along the way through each of the sessions. The laughter alone is good for the soul.”  – Jodi Krefetz, Director, Food Services

Stanford Health Care Hospitality – 3

“I cannot say enough positive things about the Leadership Development courses. Kimberly and her team have the gift of bringing the best out of everyone. The sessions empower you to be genuinely open and to share your flaws, in a fun and approachable manner. Throughout each session, I have continued to do a deeper self-analysis into the person and professional I am, while remaining vulnerable and admitting where I am lacking… which is a huge positive step in the direction of becoming the person and professional I want to be! I would recommend any and all Leaders to attend these courses, new or seasoned!”Peter Stanislaw, Director, Express Services

Stanford Health Care Hospitality – 2

“This time with peers has given us time to get to know each other, laugh with each other and learn about each other. It’s hard to find that time during the workday and without the ability to have any social events, we’re lucky to be able to come together for some relaxed time together that’s not focused on the day-to-day tasks.”   – Terry Duffina, Director, Sustainability

Stanford Health Care Hospitality – 1

“I highly recommend attending Hospitality Leadership Sessions. I love that you can learn and see things through other perspectives. Not only is it a forum for learning but also for bonding and strengthening your relationships with your peers. I have gained not only mentors and accountability partners…but also friends. I look forward to attending as many as I can to ensure I am a better and well-rounded leader.”   – Homero Garcia, Manager, Environmental Services

Melanie Billigmeier

I really appreciate all of your suggestions and coaching today. I am inspired to put together a business proposal with a roll out plan for relaunching Persevere Consulting. I now have a very clear concept of what elements need to be included in this plan. Thank you for your inspiring me!

Sandhya Sagar

I was fortunate to have Kimberly and her team facilitate a very engaging and productive session with my team of Technical Program Managers in Aug 2019. The intent was to energize and motivate the team to feel empowered and make changes to deliver better results. Kimberly spent an afternoon (many felt it was too short) delivering very compelling and thought provoking messages though interactive exercises that kept the group of ~60 people on their feet.

Everyone left with a great deal of positive energy and with a promise to implement their takeaways in their professional journeys. I would highly recommend Kimberly for any organization that is looking to inject some energy and fresh thinking into their teams

Steve Madden, PMP

Kimberly is a wonderful blend of energy and creativity melded with a keen mind that knows how to get things done. She is constantly looking for possibilities and then devising ways to bring them to life. She enjoys helping and mentoring others, and I am delighted to know that she is doing that now for organizations ready to go to the next level.

M3 Sweat

Kimberly is dynamic and focused, and an incredible professional in all her activities. She is talented, creative, articulate, and has super people skills. I give her my highest endorsement.

Linda Reed

I worked with Kimberly while she was a consultant working with Extreme Networks and I was on the core project team. Extreme wanted to speed up its product development lifecycle and enlisted Kimberly’s help to do so. I found Kimberly to be smart, tough, dynamic and a welcome change agent. She navigated through the executive level politics and was able to deliver results that greatly improved the process controls and adherence with the company – enabling the company to focus on doing the right things, having the right checks and balances along the way, and improve time to market. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Kimberly again.