Dr. Leslie Field, MEMS consultant. Consulting Prof. Stanford EE Dept. Founder Small Tech Consulting, MEMS Insight, Ice 911 Research

Kimberly Wiefling recently conducted an outstanding workshop at Stanford University, on the topic of engineering in the face of very large, complex problems, as part of a new graduate-level course I’m teaching on Engineering and Climate Change. The way Kimberly helped the students experience the frustration of an “unsolvable” problem and then helped them experience how such problems are solved was brilliant. Kimberly’s approach is so lively and fun that even while you are gratified by her terrific results, you might miss the underlying truth that these great results come from a deep understanding and application of up-to-date research on the most effective ways to help people learn. But make no mistake, she’s using that knowledge for you. Kimberly is outstanding. If you need to jump-start a creative process or to make a group’s problem-solving more effective, hire her!