Dr. Shonna Mooodie, Director, External Collaborations, Entelos.com

Kimberly had worked with the team on several occasions on project management and team dynamics. More importantly she had gained the team’s trust and confidence over the series of workshops. One of the projects did not go smoothly and Kimberly was brought in as the external facilitator in the “lessons learnt” debrief at the end of the project. We needed an external facilitator that the team trusted and could confide in. Kimberly chatted to everyone who was directly involved with the project to understand from everyone’s prospective what went wrong and what fixes needed to be introduced into the way we scoped, managed and executed projects. This was a large effort due to the number of staff involved and multiple time zones between Kimberly and the team. Kimberly was able to synthesize down into a succinct list of what went wrong and more importantly what were the changes that needed to be made.