Mia Tagano, Voice and Public Speaking Coach (TaganoCoaching.com aka SpeakandEngage.com)

I was thinking about you today – remembering how we sat at your kitchen table and you had me thinking about the future – began the work of shifting me towards bigger visioning. Starting from where I want to be and working my way back. I have old habits of just trying to get through each step, getting from here to there but rarely do I start from the dream fulfilled and work my way backwards. To me it was/is revolutionary thinking. I am noticing that I am starting to dream bigger; I am starting to see my future self (successful leader change maker life changer land owner business owner)..glimpses anyway. It is a big deal considering there was a time in my life when I couldn’t imagine a positive future; this is/I am changing and you are a big part of my deeper shift … ANYWAY, I want to thank you today for planting a seed in me, in my mind, my heart. I so appreciate you!