For Believing in us, showing up, and helping us realize our dreams – we thank you.

Mindy & Ray, TOCWM

I really liked your workshop and see great possibilities for using “breakthrough thinking” in other settings in both the corporate and educational worlds.

Andrea S., Live Oak Elementary School District

You rocked the house with your presentation this morning on effective communication styles! Because of your energetic yet sensible and practical approach, some very conservative people in the room showed a new side of themselves. This is a tribute to your energizing delivery about how to better communicate and more effectively lead. My hat is off to you!

Linda Holroyd, CEO Fountain Blue

Kimberly helped me create an actionable list that was pure gold. Taking the time to work with Kimberly forced me to articulate the challenges I face and talk through possibilities.

Aylon Engler, CEO and Founder, BetaSphere Professional Associations

Kimberly Wiefling of Wiefling Consultants was my last instructor in completing my two certificates in Project Management, yet by far she was the most inspiring, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable instructor of both PM series of classes, particularly in developing my negotiation skills. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to learn from such an expert first hand.

Miguel A. Silva, SCVWD

Kimberly is a whole energy level unto herself. I call it the “Kimberly Factor”. Her passion to give, teach and mentor excels people, programs and companies.

Bonnie Savage, CEO Assistant, JDSU

Kimberly took me to the next level in taking on a leadership role. She encouraged me to success.

Sherry Parsons, Executive Administrative Manager, Earthbound Farm

I plan to recommend attending Kimberly’s presentation to everyone I know as one of the best project management presentations I have ever attended. It gives project managers the kick in the butt call-to-action they need.

Brendan Kane, Director-SAP Consultation & IT Staffing, Perceptive Technologies, Inc

Working with Kimberly was both a pleasure and honour.  In my decade-plus time in Japan, I’ve never had the chance to work with someone of her talent and caliber. It was motivating and inspirational for me and I got so much out of working with her. I’m now able to use new activities, incorporate a different approach to learning and add value to my classes as well as connect more deeply with my workshop participants.

Stephen Parent, ALC Education, Inc.

Kimberly is a physicist by training, is active in SDForum and other technical organizations, authored the “Scrappy” Project Management books, is a skilled and engaging facilitator, and is also funny and refreshingly entertaining.

Melissa Demaray, Strategic Planning and Marketing Director

Kimberly had worked with the team on several occasions on project management and team dynamics. More importantly she had gained the team’s trust and confidence over the series of workshops. One of the projects did not go smoothly and Kimberly was brought in as the external facilitator in the “lessons learnt” debrief at the end of the project. We needed an external facilitator that the team trusted and could confide in. Kimberly chatted to everyone who was directly involved with the project to understand from everyone’s prospective what went wrong and what fixes needed to be introduced into the way we scoped, managed and executed projects. This was a large effort due to the number of staff involved and multiple time zones between Kimberly and the team. Kimberly was able to synthesize down into a succinct list of what went wrong and more importantly what were the changes that needed to be made.

Dr. Shonna Mooodie, Director, External Collaborations, Entelos.com

Kimberly Wiefling recently conducted an outstanding workshop at Stanford University, on the topic of engineering in the face of very large, complex problems, as part of a new graduate-level course I’m teaching on Engineering and Climate Change. The way Kimberly helped the students experience the frustration of an “unsolvable” problem and then helped them experience how such problems are solved was brilliant. Kimberly’s approach is so lively and fun that even while you are gratified by her terrific results, you might miss the underlying truth that these great results come from a deep understanding and application of up-to-date research on the most effective ways to help people learn. But make no mistake, she’s using that knowledge for you. Kimberly is outstanding. If you need to jump-start a creative process or to make a group’s problem-solving more effective, hire her!

Dr. Leslie Field, MEMS consultant. Consulting Prof. Stanford EE Dept. Founder Small Tech Consulting, MEMS Insight, Ice 911 Research

As an old program manager myself, and now as President of a large technology company, I find your book spot on the money. Your readers would do well to read the book several times and practice what your write until it becomes second nature. The world around them would become a much better place – and the satisfaction that goes with high achievement would fuel a long and successful career.  While your book was written for program managers, it applies to anyone who works with people. It is a must read, not just for leaders, but for anyone who depends on other people to get their work done.

Rick Cassidy, President, TSMC North America

Kimberly, I continue to be in awe of your leadership skills. Very impressive!! I am so very pleased with how well our retreat went. I could not have asked for more. Inspirational, transformational, and built our team unlike anything I’ve seen before. You have a gift to bring out the best in people and to help them to believe!

Rebecca S. Cole, Vice President for Advancement, President, Wright State University Foundation, Wright State University

Ultimate facilitator to inspire your group to achieve breakthrough results, gain new insights, remove roadblocks and achieve what might have appeared to be impossible results prior to Kimberly’s leadership. Kimberly leads from the front and adeptly works with groups to gain their trust and confidence. She uses humor and scientifically proven methods to begin the critical work of helping groups get unstuck and see their own greatness. I have worked with Kimberly for more than 20 years and she consistently exhibits an interesting combination of courage, practicality and generosity. Kimberly has my utmost confidence and I will absolutely hire her again. Thanks Kimberly. You Rock! 

Carol Smith, CEO Oak Grove Enterprises
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