The Art of Conversation – 7 Easy Ways to Start a Conversation with Anyone

7 Ways

Have you ever wanted to strike up a conversation but felt at a loss for a simple opening phrase? Or have you admired the seemingly easy way certain people engage others in conversation and wished you could do the same? Communication skills are critical to both personal relationships and professional success.

Conversing with others does not have to be frightening, difficult, awkward, or painful! In this workshop, you will learn and practice 7 easy ways to start a conversation, and enjoy the experience of a pleasant interchange in a variety of situations. Not comfortable talking? No problem! Listening turns out to be far more powerful than speaking.

Whether you want to expand your networking skills, find your next client or career opportunity, shine in your next job interview, or enlarge your sphere of influence – this workshop will you discover how to elegantly invite and participate in casual conversation, and enjoy it!


  • 7 easy ways to begin a conversation.
  • Communication beyond words.
  • The power of listening generously.
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