Think Smart Not Hard: 52 Key Principles to Success and Happiness

Here’s an excerpt from a great new book chock full of wisdom. Enjoy! – Kimberly

“A lack of motivation holds some people back as well as a desire to stand up and dust themselves off when they fall. They think it isn’t worth the effort, that it’s too much work.

It’s so much easier to spend weekends marathoning the latest season of the hottest new drama or liking the endless stream of cat videos on social media. To those people, it’s a conscious choice to trade in their hopes and dreams and become a voyeur of someone else’s.

Not to say anything’s wrong with unwinding at the end of the day for some much-needed R&R, but, make no mistake, if you choose to indulge in someone else’s dream instead of living your own, it’s a choice you’re making. You must decide for yourself if you want to watch someone else live his or her desire or if you want to live your own.

When self-made entrepreneurs fail, it’s often because they weren’t consistent in the values that helped them achieve their success. When people, such as lottery winners, lose everything without having earned it in the first place, it’s because they don’t know those principles and didn’t apply them to maintaining or growing that wealth.

A simple Internet search regarding successful people will reveal several common factors. They set priorities. They focus on the big picture and what’s important. They spend time finding ways to help others. They adapt to change. They make time for rest. They read daily.

More actions exist, but the idea is that successful people employ several systems that allow them to chart their own courses instead of being steered by the winds of uncertainty and luck. They take the reins of life in their own hands by accepting responsibility and learning from mistakes instead of cowering from them.

Some say that the harder you work, the luckier you get. While that maxim is true, many people work hard yet fail to see the desired results. If you’re one of those people, you may be spinning the wheel and ignoring many of the key principles in this book.”

Roy Huff is a Hawaii-based research scientist, Lifehack expert, award-winning fantasy author, and science teacher who overcame the hardship of a family plagued by severe poverty, mental illness, and AIDS. He moved to Hawaii at age seventeen to start a new life and has since earned five degrees, co-authored peer reviewed scientific research, worked on projects for NASA and NOAA,

published four fiction novels as well as his current self-help/personal transformation book, Think Smart Not Hard: 52 Key Principles to Success and Happiness. He grew up on the East Coast, but has lived in Hawaii for more than half his life where he currently resides and creates new worlds with the stroke of his pen.

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