The Top Business-Related Success Stories of 2017

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For many would-be entrepreneurs, the notion of success appears as a mythical plateau in the distance as opposed to an achievable concept. However, there are many others who have possessed the confidence and the acumen in order to realise their loftiest visions. It often helps to highlight these stories so that the rest of us are able to find the motivation to follow our very own visions. Let us look at some of the most amazing business success stories of 2017.

The Mobile Recycling Community

One of the most surprising leaps forward in terms of success involves what is known as the market for refurbished mobile devices such as the iPhone.

This is sometimes referred to as the “secondary smartphone market”. Companies such as provide users with the ability to receive cash for an outdated phone such as an iPhone or a Samsung. Once the unit is received, it will either be refurbished and sold to a new customer or it will be recycled in order to extract valuable materials such as rare earth metals. In fact, it is predicted that the market for secondary phones within the United States alone will grow to an incredible 55 million units by the year 2020. is one example of the success that firms can enjoy if they appreciate a burgeoning market.

Altruistic Intentions Produce Results

We should always keep in mind that not everyone defines entrepreneurial success by material wealth alone. A perfect example of this concept can be seen in the massive progress a firm by the name of Context Media has enjoyed. Originally developed by Shradha Agarwal, the intention of this online community was to provide chronic disease sufferers with useful advice and professional guidance. Although it started out from rather humble roots, Context Media now boasts more than six million registered followers. Ms. Agarwal was even awarded the coveted title of Champion of Change by the White House. It will be interesting to see how this firm progresses in the future.

Anyone who is familiar with the business-oriented motivational circuit may already be aware of Murray Newlands. Mr. Newlands is an entrepreneur, business advisor and regular guest speaker at seminars throughout the United States. He is also the founder of an invoicing company known as Sighted. However, his real prowess involves providing others with the mental tools necessary to conquer their dreams. It seems as if this talent has had a profound impact upon his own success, as he was rated as the second-most important thought leader by Inc. magazine in 2017.

Fifth Avenue Brands

This next brand highlights the fact that we are never too young to begin pursuing our dreams. Fifth Avenue Brands is the brainchild of Richard Lorenzen. This firm specialises in public relations strategies for younger entrepreneurs. One of the most amazing aspects of Mr. Lorenzen is that he began to pursue this vision when he was only 15 years old. This commitment has paid off over the years, as Entrepreneur Magazine has placed him within the top 50 most influential personalities within the digital marketing community in 2017. If the past is any indicator, we should expect great things from this young man.


Content recommendation networks are quickly becoming an integral part of online marketing and public relations campaigns. This observation was certainly not lost on Revcontent founder John Lemp. While this website started off from rather humble roots only a few years ago, it is now one of the fastest growing recommendation networks in existence. More than 250 BILLION recommendations are posted every month and this figure is expected to grow well into the future.

So, it is clear to see that there is no single formula which defines success. Whether referring to a mobile recycling firm or a company providing aid to budding entrepreneurs, the principle is just the same. Motivation, innovation and the ability to think outside of the proverbial box are all elements which can help us realise our dreams. Please feel free to use these examples as the fuel to inspire your own ventures.

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