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One of the many benefits of travel is it gives you the opportunity to explore the amazing variety of cultures around the world. The thrills, adventures, and experiences that traveling offers make the long or short hours on the plane worth it.

Singapore is one of the many countries around the world that is known for its high-tech infrastructure, rapid development, and economy. Hence, it is not surprising to see lots of people around the world wanting to either travel, work, invest or retire in this country.

In this post, we will give you a quick guide to traveling, living, working, investing, and retiring in Singapore.

Home Options in Singapore

Unlike many countries, most people in Singapore live in condos. This is not degrading in any way as this is the norm in here; especially if you are looking to rent a home in the inner city. If you go for new apartments, there is a huge chance that you will also have access to playgrounds, function rooms, pools, and gyms there. You may have to move out to the suburbs to rent a single home though; and keep in mind that these homes do not have gardens — and in most cases, they even don’t have backyards.

However, if you prioritize places that emphasize the beauty of nature, you most likely will have parks with green spaces around you. It is advisable to live within the catchment area of the local school that you intend your children to go to. Visit Visa Express Singapore to learn more.

Is it Advisable to Own a Car in Singapore?

Traveling to Singapore has many perks. However, you may have to make a few adjustments in order to cope. Unlike most countries around the world, owning a car in Singapore can be very expensive. To own a car, you have to pay insurance fees, pay for an Entitlement Certificate, and also pay taxes, and high customs duties. Drives are also billed for Electronic Road Pricing (EPR). This particular bill becomes more costly during peak hours.

Hence, purchasing a car in Singapore is considered as a luxury. Most people living in Singapore rely on taxis to transport themselves and their families. If you are yet to have a family, you can use the Mass Rapid Transit or buses in your area; or you could also opt for a cab if you prefer this mode of transportation as they are also relatively affordable.

Crime Rate in Singapore

Singapore is one of the safest places you can go to in the world. It is so safe that it is extremely rare to be a victim of petty crime. Hence, it is common to see people carelessly leave their properties unlocked while grabbing a bite in the restaurant as it is often perceived to be a safe environment. However, local police do their job in educating people that they should be more careful as the low crime rate in Singapore is not the same as a “no crime zone”.

Altogether, traveling, living, working, investing, and retiring in Singapore is a very good idea as the country is rich with opportunities for you and your family to thrive.

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