What to Look for in an HR Recruiter

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Attracting top talent can be difficult, especially when there is lots of competition in the market.  That’s why many companies go down the road of enlisting recruitment services.  A staffing agency can get you candidates suited to the role much more quickly than if you were simply to post out a job ad.  If you are thinking about using a recruiter for a new addition to your team, we’ve given you some things to look out for when choosing the right fit for your company.

A Specialist Recruitment Agency

Sometimes the quality of candidate can be diluted if you use a recruitment agency that covers a broad spectrum of industries.  That’s why it’s always a good idea wherever possible to use an agency that specializes in either your sector, or the type of employee you are looking to hire.  If you are looking to add to your HR team for example, then you may want to enlist an HR staffing agency.  They are more likely to have a pool of candidates to suit your needs.

Check their Customer Reviews

Luckily in this digital age, we can get a good idea as tow how companies treat their customers using search engines and social media channels. It’s critical you have a look on their Google My Business, or Facebook pages to see any recommendations or negative reviews the company may have received.  There may be some negative reviews that are quite innocent but take a look to see how the responses have been handled and if the customer has been put first.

Look for Case Studies on their Website

A good recruitment agency will be able to display case studies featuring some of their previous or existing clients.  In terms of recruitment, you may want to look for things such as the length of time taken to find a suitable candidate or some stats on how long those candidates stay with the employer.  If they don’t feature any of this on their website, don’t be afraid to ask them those questions during any initial conversations.

Check Their Recruitment Contract Terms

Make sure you look at their contract terms very closely, and the fees associated with the service.  The last thing you need is to incur additional fees that you hadn’t accounted for.  There should also be different packages available depending on the service you require.

If you are looking for a contract recruiter that deals with temporary staff to cover maternity/paternity leave as opposed to a full-time permanent member of staff for example, you’d expect there to be a difference in pricing.  The same goes if you were to hire a part-time member of staff as opposed to full-time.  If you do have any queries regarding the contract, then make sure you ask before signing.

If you are considering using a recruiter for your next hire – then make sure you take these things into consideration before going ahead with any type of contract.

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