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Infect your company with the “Kimberly Virus”!  Some of our clients have said that Kimberly’s expertise, attitude and enthusiasm infects their people and then spreads through their company like a virus. But Kimberly insists that she’s the cure, not a virus! In fact, in Kimberly’s own words, “When you need me, I’m the cure for what ails ya. When you don’t, I’m toxic!” Yup, the worst thing you can do is hire Kimberly when you are NOT committed to making the changes necessary to create breakthroughs in your company. Kimberly delivers results, not reports and jargon.

Wiefling Consulting specializes in highly engaging and impactful consulting, facilitation, coaching and workshops to enable dramatic breakthroughs in business leadership and program management that enable clients to leap across the gulf of execution, not merely look across it. If knowing “how” to do something were enough, we’d all be rich and thin!

“I’m working on 3 projects and they’re all top priority!”
“Strategy? What strategy?”
“We can’t afford ANOTHER late-to-market product.”
“Everyone seems to be working really hard. Why can’t we get results?”
“Another quality problem in the field? Why wasn’t this caught in testing?”
“How can our forecasts be off by that much?”
“What happened to the margins we expected when we started this project?”

Savvy business leaders know that comments like these signal serious problems that need to be addressed promptly. It’s time to…

Stop reinventing the wheel!

  • Establish reliable business operating principles and processes that liberate.
  • Free up your company’s brainpower for more creative uses.

Stop spinning your wheels!

  • Adopt product development practices that make sense for your business.

Stop driving yourself crazy!

  • Unleash the “group genius” of your people to create extraordinary results!

Create a Competitive Advantage by Fully Leveraging the Power of Your People

In Good to Great, Jim Collins admonishes business leaders to get the right people on board, in the right positions, before figuring out what results you will produce. And many companies fall into the “rush-to-solution” trap, trying to figure out HOW to do something before they are clear about WHAT they want to achieve.

Adopting the “First WHO, then WHAT, then HOW” approach that Kimberly practices enables you to break free of these common traps and dramatically accelerate the time to results and avoid settling for activity instead of meaningful progress toward substantive goals.

The ability to attract and retain talented people is one of the greatest competitive advantages any company can possess. After you’ve recruited your team, however, the key to your success is in how you unleash the power of the group genius in support of your business’s goals.

Allow Kimberly to expertly unleash your group’s genius and your employees will give their best, and be motivated to contribute fully to the success of your company, as well as the greater good of the community.

What Separates Successful People From the Crowd of ‘Wanna Be’s?’

Rigorous thinking, rigorous action, and people with the discipline to execute a plan with excellence. Successful businesses must continually re-invent themselves and redefine the value they bring to the workplace.

To this end, Kimberly is committed to creating life affirming work environments that leverage known best practices to enable significantly increased business success beyond what is commonly thought possible.

Kimberly designs and facilitates highly interactive workshops on topics including: project management, breakthrough thinking, leadership, and “getting unstuck.”

Since 2003, she has been an instructor with UC Santa Cruz Extension, during which time, she was ranked one of their top 3 instructors and received an instructor effectiveness rating of 4.9 out of 5.

She also presents lively and engaging lectures on a wide range of inspiring topics to corporations, government agencies, universities, and civic organizations.

Her education in physics, and a broad range of experience with engineering teams, uniquely qualify her to successfully engage technical professionals as well.

Wiefling Consulting enables you how to lead your business more effectively through:

  • Scenario Planning – Explore best case/worst case alternatives to improve chances of success and reduce risk.
  • Company-wide Goal Alignment – Get everyone rowing in the same direction rather than saying, “My side of the boat’s not leaking!”
  • Communication Strategies – Communicate for success – faulty communication is the #2 reason why teams fail to achieve their goals.
  • Teamwork and Decision-making – Kick-start teams stuck in the “Storming” phase of development where conflict flourishes and little is accomplished.
  • Leadership and Shared Values – Build the kind of leadership that directly contributes to overall business results and profitability.
  • Performance Management Metrics – Select and track the right metrics to drive the right behavior and help course correct before it’s too late.
  • Business Scorecards and Dashboards – Pull together a balanced set of metrics that drive behaviors in line with your business goals.

Develop products more predictably:

  • Product Lifecycle – Bring products from idea through launch and beyond more predictably and with fewer unwanted surprises using a sensible PLC process as a guide.
  • Phases, Decision Points and Milestones – Create a roadmap for success that enables everyone involved to understand the big picture and contribute to your goal.
  • Cross-functional Deliverables – Identify the inspectable deliverables critical for successful project results, and get clarity about who is accountable for delivering them.
  • Core Team and Extended Team – Define the organizational structure of the team, clarifying roles and responsibilities, and improving communication and reducing conflict.
  • Executive Sponsorship & Oversight – Assure that project success remains linked to business success through an appropriate and efficient executive sponsorship process.
  • Project Reviews – Turn ineffective progress reports into action-oriented decision points where key stakeholders weigh in on the critical issues required for success.
  • Portfolio Management – Handle multiple projects in a resource constrained environment without introducing unnecessary task-switching inefficiency.

Manage projects with greater ease:

  • Project Leadership – Identify the buck stops here leader, and assure that they have what it takes to inspire the team, set clear goals, remove obstacles, provide resources and assure results.
  • Goals and Objectives – Set clear, measurable and agreed upon objectives to keep everyone on the same page.
  • Roles and Responsibilities – Assure that the team knows who’s doing what to increase productivity and reduce conflict.
  • Planning and Scheduling – There’s no reason that every project must be late. Every hour of planning saves about a day of wasted time and rework. The power of planning can deliver some of the easiest gains you’ll ever see in your business!
  • Timeline Risk Analysis – Create credible schedules that generate buy-in from those who must execute them.
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation – Proactively identify and mitigate risk, do contingency planning, and prevent unacceptable risks from blindsiding your team.

Increase your professional effectiveness:

  • Executive Thinking Partnerships – Clarify your own thinking and have your own wisdom reflected back to you so that you can hear yourself think!
  • Leadership Coaching – Lead people and manage resources. Get the support you need to become the kind of leader you admire!
  • Professional Development Coaching – Grow to the next level of your professional development with a thinking partner who enables you to see the possibilities you might not have considered.
  • Project Management Mentoring – Have an experienced project manager shadow you and help you learn the way adults learn best – in real-time, as they are doing it!
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