Global Leadership & Management Program


Here are a few videos that will give you an introduction and overview of a typical “Global Leadership and Management Development Program“.


Kyoto University Faculty Development Program:  As the population of Japan ages Japanese universities find themselves facing declining enrollment and an uncertain future.  The Japanese government is funding faculty development programs to help the faculty of Japanese universities adapt their teaching styles to be more attractive to foreign students.  Kyoto University, the #2 university in Japan, recently held one such faculty development event with 21 people, ranging from graduate students to full tenured professors with over 20 years of experience.  I facilitated this 2 day event on “Powerful Communication and Global Mindset” on behalf of ALC Education’s Faculty Development Program.  As you can see, these professors were lively, engaged, and in the end – committed to changing their approach to enhance the learning experience for both Japanese and non-Japanese students alike.


Keizai Society Panel Discussion: The Future of Japan . . . Almost 60% of the world’s people live in Asia, and the economic center of the world is shifting to Asia.  Who will lead in Asia?  While large, India and China have plenty of priorities internally that may be their primary focus for many years to come.  Japan has established a long history of effective and successful business relationships around the world, and the population is well-educated and largely middle-class.  Based on personal experience working with global Japanese businesses, I believe that global Japanese businesses are in a position to lead in Asia, and globally, for the benefit of the entire planet, by solving global problems profitably.  I argued this point rather shamelessly in this lively panel discussion at the Keizai Society in March 2010.


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