Global Management Program Overview

This program turns a group into a real team, and prepares your company to thrive in our volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (V.U.C.A.) world. These “Agile “Teams” transcend their jobs and the organization chart to achieve results that seem impossible, but are merely difficult. Fast, Focused, and Flexible, this is the “Agile Organization” at its best.

View these 1-minute videos for an introduction and overview of the Global Leadership and Business Management Programs that Kimberly and her colleagues deliver to Japanese companies all over the world.


Meet Kimberly Wiefling, Your Program Director

The 3 Main Goals of this Global Leadership and Management Development Program

The 3 Phases of the Breakthrough Project

The Topics of the Workshops

Preparation for Breakthrough Projects

Here’s what’s possible if you put your heart and soul into this experience: “I’ve been facilitating groups of ~20 people from ~10 countries who meet for 15 days over a 6 month period. Each time we meet on a different continent. When they arrive they are strangers from different cultures. The only thing in common is they work for the same company, and they have an idea of how to transform their company to become truly global. By the end of the 6 months they’ve completed “impossible” team projects and presented them in wildly creative ways to their executives. The audience is transformed by their presentations, these strangers have become family, and the power of their deep relationships exceeds any positional power in their organization.” – Kimberly Wiefling, Lead Facilitator, Silicon Valley Alliances, Global Leadership and Talent Development (GLTD) Programs

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