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IMG_0044My work with Japanese companies generally involves me traveling to Japan every month for 1 – 3 weeks, which I’ve been doing for about the past 5 years.  I’m collaborating with ALC Education, Inc., a company headquartered in Tokyo that expanded from teaching Japanese companies business English to providing workshops and consulting on essential globalization business competencies, specifically leadership, creativity, innovation, project and program management, team development, performance management, marketing and financial analysis.  We have a team of nine consultants from the SF Bay Area who occasionally join me in Japan to provide this service, and we have another dozen terrific consultants with international experience available to work with us in the US.

Sometimes we work with non-Japanese companies with a business interest in Japan, but typically we work with international Japanese companies receiving a growing percentage of their revenue from overseas.  Growth overseas is a strategic imperative for all of our clients.  We generally work with groups of 12 – 20 high-potential mid-level managers from a single company, in customized programs intended to build a shared understanding of global leadership, a shared vision for their future, and a sensible framework for business management.  This develops a shared toolkit among all participants – a common global business language and framework for achieving results.  Frequently our groups are composed of people from Japan, other parts of Asia, Europe and the USA, which enables an opportunity for participants to develop keen insights into cultural similarities and differences, and a genuine appreciation for the strength of a cross-cultural team.  Programs range from a half day to 6 weeks (spread over 12 months).  The cross-cultural collaboration that develops in the intensive programs is absolutely transformative.

Our programs are highly engaging and interactive, with an obsessive focus on changing behavior, language and, most importantly, improving business results.  We’re not content to just make people smarter and have them go back to work and do the same not-so-smart things.  Our goal is to rewire their brains so that they are forever changed!

We’d value the opportunity to work with companies from anywhere in the world, but many companies have been focusing on cost-cutting, and haven’t shown much interest in this kind of investment lately.  Japanese companies, however, continue to invest in long-term growth of leadership and business management in their people.  In 2009 we were absolutely amazed to find that not a single company canceled their programs with us, even with the tough global economy.  Even Isuzu, a company hit hard with the car industry downturn, maintained our leadership program for their managers that year!  We believe that companies around the world would benefit from this kind of consistent focus on leadership and business management development.

Are you interested in a conversation for possibilities?  I’d appreciate the opportunity to explore how our experienced and lively people could support you in creating success for your business in the coming year.  Let’s talk!  US 650 867 0847

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